Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Busy Are We!

My Best Friend Mary gor Married! In May.
This cute girl had fun at the Wedding!

June 2nd my Baby Sister Sadie Graduated from Highschool.

(she has all the grad pics :()

Father's Day June 19th Our Sweet Baby Boy was Blessed!

Grandma Loves her Babies!

We are living in Round Mountain and it is going well! We get to come in for a week once a Month and we are always busy visiting everyone we can. Justine was moved to a full size bed and has only fallen off once! Now time to potty train and loose the Binky. Russell is growing so Fast and is So BIG! He weighed 12lbs at his 2 Month Appt. David works long hours but makes big Bucks. Very grateful fo this job. I am busy taking care of everyone and I love it!

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